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Student Resources that will be used during Virtual Learning:

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Comprehensive and interactive math lessons with unlimited practice for each topic – grades K-8
Safe, kid-friendly search engine for students to use; great for research projects
Filled with fun, interactive math games; flashcards available to print- grades 1-6
Excellent reference for various subjects; includes Homework Center, games and quizzes – ages 6-14
Interactive activities, games and quizzes customized for varying ability levels; can search by age – grades K-8
Sections on Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science; includes popular cartoon cat Garfield as a guide – grades K-6
Variety of games, puzzles and coloring sheets in all subjects – grades K-2
Fun Math reinforcement activities for skills taught throughout the year – grades K-6
Information and activities for parents, students and teachers to help read and learn – grades K-12
Fantastic interactive activities for learning to read and increasing reading levels; easy to follow for students – grades Pre-K-2
Resources, games, contests, activities and folktales for students – grades K-12