At Winbourne Elementary we are committed to providing an environment that is safe and conducive to learning. It is our goal to meet the academic and social needs of all our students. We are grateful for your continued support, cooperation, and participation. We must work together for the future of our children.

Educational research makes it clear: Every parent can help their child succeed in school!

To do this:
Believe in your child. Have high, but realistic expectations.
Establish a daily routine for homework, chores and meals.
Offer to help in the classroom.
Model traits you want your child to have, such as self-discipline and a love of learning.
Emphasize the value of hard work. Don’t let your child blame teachers or bad luck for poor grades.
Monitor your child’s after-schools activities.
Make time for reading, writing and family talks.
Be respectful when talking with or about teachers.
Help your child imagine how education will help her “get ahead” in life.
Foster individuality Respect your child’s ideas, even when they’re different from yours.

We are still soaring to success becoming the best of the best.

Brenda Wilkinson


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Winbourne is a PBIS School

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready


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