Instructions For Distance Learning

1. Log into your Google Classroom each day.

2. Your teachers will have assignments posted and advise you of any virtual meetings.

3. You can complete assignments at any time.

4. The chart below is a tentative schedule of when teachers will be having meetings. However, ultimately teachers will notify students of meetings through Google Classroom.

5. If you prefer to follow a set schedule, then use the one below.

To Access EBR Enrichment Instructional Resources – Please note that resources for English Language Learners and Exceptional Students are included here.

To access lessons developed by the Louisiana Department of Education in conjunction with LPB click below.

Students may continue to login to ixl from home using the following link.  Ms. Trantham recommends that 7th graders work on lesson S and lesson T.

Eureka/Great Minds Knowledge on the Go
Daily videoed math lessons will be available.

Parents can sign up for a free ReadWorks account at the link below.

Resource Information Provided by Exceptional Student Services

  • Our school district currently has a subscription to Kurzweil3000, which is a comprehensive literacy, text-to speech technology that can help students to read, comprehend, study, write, and take tests. This technology can give students access to their literacy supports as well as their documents from virtually any internet connected device (computer, tablet, phone, Chromebook).
  • How-To-Guide for
  • If a student does not remember her/his login credentials, they can sign up for a free trial of Kurzweil 3000 Web Subscription, which has been extended from 30 to 90 days.

The premium version of no red ink is free right now.

Scholastic Classroom Magazines
Lessons day by day for a variety of topics.

Museum Virtual Tours