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Calling all Potential Westdale Hawks!

The Magnet Application Period is now open. If you have any questions about our Foreign Language Immersion Magnet Program or the application process, please contact Dena Nabers (bnabers@ebrschools.org).

If you are interested in our Gifted/Talented Program or our Great Scholars Program, please contact Janet Cornelius (jcornelius@ebrschools.org) for more information.

January 2020

The New Student Generated Website!

Exam Schedule

Friday, December 13 (Full Day) 2A/3A

Monday, December 16 (Full Day) 2B/3B

Tuesday, December 17 (Half Day) 4A/5B

Wednesday, December 18 (Half Day) 4B/5B

Thursday, December 19 (Half Day) Make-Ups Only


If you are not receiving callouts from the Principal, please complete the form below.

Westdale Middle School

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