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Congratulations Rylee Rogers!  Rylee won 2 blue ribbons in the Special Olympics on March 27.

See our Recent Events page for a list of History Day Winners and Science Olympiad Winners.

LEAP 2025 testing begins today (April 8) and continues through April 15. Good Luck Hawks!

Test Taking Strategy #5 – Elimination

  • ELIMINATE obviously wrong answers first.
  • ELIMINATE choices that are only partly correct.
  • ELIMINATE items that are correct but do not answer the question.

Test Taking Strategy #4 – Look for Clues

  • When the answer is not clear look for CLUES to help you find the answer.
  • LOOK at the context clues, word tense, and grammar choice when reading question and answer choices.

Test Taking Strategy #3 – Use Your Time Wisely

  • Do NOT spend too much time on any one question.
  • Answer EVERY question.  Sometimes your best guess is better than no answer at all.
  • Use ALL of your time.  Use your extra time to review for mistakes.
  • Answer the EASIEST question FIRST.  Then go back to the ones you skipped.

Test Taking Strategy #2 – Listen, Read, and Ask

  • Listen and Read – Always listen to the directions given by the teacher.
  • Read and Re-Read – Read and RE-READ the written directions before beginning the test.  Read ALL of the answer choices BEFORE answering the question.
  • ASK questions if you do not understand.

Test Taking Strategy #1 – Get Ready for the Test

  • Get plenty of rest.  Try to get at least 8 hours sleep the night before the test.
  • Eat a good nutritious breakfast each morning.
  • Avoid the morning rush.  Put out your clothes at night and make sure to get to school on time.

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