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The mission of the Tara High School library is to support and enrich the curriculum with resources that will assure productive use of ideas and information by our patrons.

About the librarians:

Mr. Keith Buras



I have a B.S. degree in Education from LSU and Masters of Library Science through the University of North Texas. In addition, I am certified in Online Instruction, Computer Science, School Technology Facilitator, and Educational Technology Leader. I also have 9 years experience in classroom experience in social studies.  I look forward to another great year with new challenges.

Mrs. Laura Acosta



I have a B.S. degree in Respiratory Therapy from York College of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in American History from LSU and a Masters in Library & Information Science from LSU.  I am a certified school librarian.  I love to read (of course!), especially realistic fiction and history, and helping students find a book to enjoy (there is a book for everyone!).  I enjoy teaching students information literacy (library talk for how to choose the best source/information for your school paper or project).  I also love to play soccer!  Come check out the great things we have going on in the library!



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A.    OBJECTIVE: Students will learn guidelines that may be used to determine the quality and accuracy of the information found on the World Wide Web.

B.    Lesson:
1. Watch video on Evaluating Web Sites


Objective: Through completion of this lesson, students will:

  1. Be introduced to the concept of “primary” and “secondary” sources
  2. Analyze scenarios and records to demonstrate their ability to differentiate between primary and secondary source
Lesson: Primary and Secondary Sources
1. Watch the Primary and Secondary Video
2. Read through the slides on this Web Page
3. Play the online game by clicking the link below

            Information Resource Lesson/Citations
Instuctions: Students will watch the videos below and complete the activity.