About Our School

Our school has openings in our PreK classes! If you’d like your child to participate in a free, high quality program in a safe and clean environment, please contact our school.  We want to prepare your child for Kindergarten! 

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Through Coca Cola Give, you can support your local K-12 school by donating your codes! Your school will be able to use donated funds for extra curricular activities including sports, technology, art, and/or school supplies within your school.  Click the link above to donate! Search your school (Southdowns PreK Center)

We make every day a great day for learning at Southdowns!

Watch below to see a few of the ways that we have fun while learning!

Our Mission: The faculty and staff of Southdowns will provide a quality pre-school education in a nurturing and safe environment to prepare students for the future.

Our Vision: To prepare students to reach their full potential in relationships, kindergarten, the community and life.



• Southdowns Pre-Kindergarten Center follows the East Baton Rouge Parish curriculum for Pre-K students as well as all state mandates. We have two types of classes in which our typically developing students participate: BEST and LA4.

• We also offer appropriate class placement for 3-4 year olds who have special needs, such as developmental delays or autism. Students with special needs have opportunities to interact with typically developing peers in classroom settings.

• Each classroom has one teacher and at least one paraprofessional.

• Speech therapy, occupational therapy, adapted physical education, and physical therapy services are provided as determined by a 1508 evaluation and IEP.

• Opportunities to have math and reading skills reinforced with iPads and SMART boards in our classrooms.


Certified Pre-K Teachers

Certified Special Education Teachers

Paraprofessionals in all classrooms

Certified Speech/Language Pathologists

Adapted Physical Education Teachers

Related Services- Occupational, Physical, Hearing Impaired, and Vision Therapists 

Full-time School Nurse

Full-time Guidance Counselor

Six Nationally Board Certified Teachers



2050 Hood Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70808

Phone Number: 225-346-1127    Fax Number: 225-381-7228