Pre-K Elementary Recommended School Supply List

Pre-K Elementary Recommended School Supply List
2018- 2019
1 Book sack (no wheels) labeled with child’s name
Inside the child’s book sack, include the following information and update as necessary:
 Child’s Name (first initial and complete last name)
 School Name and Grade
 Bus Numbers (home and transfer if applicable)
 Two working telephone numbers with contact names
1 Rest mat labeled with child’s name
1 Bath size towel to be used as cover for nap time (washed on Friday/returned on Monday)
1 Pillow case to be used as a mat cover for storage (washed on Friday/returned on Monday)
1 Set of clothes for emergencies labeled with child’s name
(pants, shirt, socks, and underwear – to be replaced after use)
1 Roll of paper towels
1 Box of Kleenex
1 Box of band-aids (Boys Purchase)
1 Pack of store brand hand wipes
1 Box of pint-size plastic bags (Boys Purchase)
1 Box of quart-size plastic bags (Girls Purchase)
1 Pack of paper plates – no Styrofoam (Girls Purchase)
1 Box of washable markers
1 Marble composition notebook
1 Pair of Fiskar scissors for kids, blunt tip for right or left hand as needed by your child
3 Packs of crayons (8 pack)
2 3 prong plastic pocket folders
5 Glue sticks
Pre-K Uniform: Navy blue shirt and navy blue pants
Pre-K space is still available at many sites!!
Apply online at or call the school near you to
check availability.

2018/2019 School Supply List

Supply Fee of $10.00 per child to be deposited to the school account for classroom use.


1- book sack (no wheels) labeled with child’s name

3 -rolls paper towels

3- boxes of Kleenex

1- box of Band-Aids

1- pack of store brand hand wipes

1- six-pack of glue sticks

1- box of wide-tip markers, classic colors  (8 or 10 per box)

4- marble composition notebooks

2 -boxes of crayons (24 count, classic colors)

3- 12 – packs of pencils (pre-sharpened)

1-pack of paper plates

10- FINE tip EXPO markers

1 change of clothes (including underwear & socks)

Girls – 1 box of gallon & snack Ziplock bags; 1 pack 3×5 index cards

Boys – 1 box of quart & Sandwich Ziplock bags

Boys  – 1 pack 5×8 index cards