Pre-K & Kindergarten Lab Lessons

Many different skills to practice!
Learning to read is FUN at Starfall!
Learn with Boowa and Kwala
This site has exciting games that appeal to young learners

1st Grade Lab Lessons

Can you help put Mr. Bones back together?
Learn about insects!



2nd Grade Lab Lessons

Find out what life was like 100 years ago!
Create and compare bar graphs

Business Buddies


3rd Grade Lab Lessons

Use map skills to play this game.
National Geographic Maps: Tools for Adventure
Language Arts activities related to the Olympic Games
Click the link below:
Perimeter & Area Activity

4th Grade Lab Lessons

Find out exactly how old you are.
Find out what your name means.
Find out what the moon looked like the day your were born.
Find out what your name means.
Find out what day of the week you were born!
Find out what was happening in the world on the day you were born!

4th Grade Lab Lessons

Find out exactly how old you are.
Find out what your name means.
Find out what the moon looked like the day your were born.
Find out what your name means.
Find out what day of the week you were born!
Find out what was happening in the world on the day you were born

5th Grade Lab Lessons

In this online activity, Arnold is missing organs from four major body systems. It’s your job to put them back! Have fun!
Take a ride through the human body to learn about each of the body’s systems – circulatory, digestive, respiratory, and more!
Volcanoes at Think Quest – Click Here!


All Subjects

Interactive lessons on a variety of subjects
Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Homework Help, Games, & More Cool Stuff!
The Totally Free Children’s Learning Network
Create a Graph…Dare to Compare with students around the country…A Grab Bag of Brain Teasers, Games, and Quizzes…There’s something new everyday!!
Activities to reinforce specific skills for kindergarten through 5th grade (Katy ISD, Texas)
This site has learning games for all subjects. There are also links to “Pete’s PowerPoint Station” and “Hannah’s Help Station”. Try them out!
This site has links to skill activities for students in grades Kindergarten and up
Unlimited resources and practice opportunities in all subjects. THANKS MR. NUSSBAUM for such a treasure!
Explore an unlimited world of topics! Virtual tours, online activities, interactive sites…

Bat Research

This site links to many others. Thanks, Kathi Mitchell!

Computer Skills

Free Download
Free Download

Activities to help students learn to use technology: computer terminology, keyboarding, spreadsheets, word processing, presentations…

Free Download


English as a Second Language (ESL)

Health and Safety

Get ready for Jump Rope for Heart! Visit this site. Scroll down and click on “Watch our great video for more information” and “I am ready to raise money online for JUMP ROPE for HEART”.
Prevention Education – Equiping students for a healthy, safe, and drug-free future
Eat great food! Exercise everyday! Find out how to stay healthy at this site!



Internet Use & Safety

Cyberbullying & Internet Safety
Resources and activities for kids and their families to stay safe in the Internet.
Teaches kids valuable information about Internet safety
The Internet offers a world of opportunities. Visit this website to find out how to help your children stay safe online.

Louisiana Landforms


Practice math facts on worksheets or interactive flashcards ~ Great practice for timed drills!
Are you ready for the Cyber Challenge? How quick are you at math facts?
Use the same login as AR to work at IXL.
This site allows students to work with manipulatives online

The same games you play in math class are online!
Also…many Everyday Math resources for you and your parents
You’ll need a Login and Password. If you don’t remember yours, email Mrs. Kelly.

Have fun learning about all kinds of money


Music & The Arts

Explore the tools that artists use – like line, color, and balance – to build works of art.
Create your own piece, just like painter Piet Mondrian!
Practice playing your recorder along with the songs at this cool site
Orchestra discovery site where kids can explore composers, music games, and instruments
Learn about composing, instruments, and more!


Reading & Language Arts

Looking for a book on the AR List? Search here! This search gives information about the BOOK LEVEL, AR POINTS, and other QUIZZES available for the book (like Vocabulary Practice or Literacy Skills).
PARENTS! For more information about the features of our new ENTERPRISE edition of AR, check out this PARENTS’ GUIDE.
Children’s books read aloud by some of your favorite actors!
This site offers students the chance to continue learning from the Harcourt textbook series in Reading, Language, Science, Social Studies, Art & More! When asked for a password, use the last name of a textbook author of the subject you’re working on.

Vocabulary Practice with lots of games!!

Read! Write! Think! your way to better reading & writing skills. This site has it ALL…storymaps, graphic organizers, context clues, cartoon creator, word puzzles, and more!



Search the Shenandoah Library or any EBR school library…Use WEBQUEST to conduct research on kid-safe sites…Destiny is very useful!
Library Search, Webpath Express, Destiny Quest…The Shenandoah Library is at your fingertips!
Email Mrs. Kelly for the passcode to use this database at home.
Video on demand brought to you by Louisiana Public Broadcasting & Discovery Education. Parents will need to assist students in using this resource as it requires that an account be established. Check with the school librarian or the school technology facilitator, for log in information.


Explore the water cycle, food webs, climate, carbon cycle & more.

You’re going to LOVE this site! Interact with electrical circuits. Find out how they work and why they don’t. Learn about circuit diagrams. Build your own circuits. Read the directions on each screen to help you move through the activity.

Choose a body part and watch movies, take quizzes, read articles, and play games to find out how that body part works.
Students will enjoy learning about our great state’s wetlands here
Watch and listen to the crew of the STS 118!
Learn how to care for a pet from ASPCA – The website for kids who love animals!
The Magic School Bus explores LOADS of subjects. Check out the guided tours.

What is energy? Where does it come from? How can we use it? Learn all about it here at the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s page.

Online, hands-on science for all ages!
We answer your science questions!
Get actively involved in hands-on science experiments online!

Learn about the parts of a plant, plants we eat, and how to grow plants. This is a very interactive site!

Wonderville is a fun, interactive destination for kids to discover the exciting world of science. This award-winning site encourages exploration and curiosity, while helping kids discover how much fun science can be.


Science Fair Links

Social Studies

Do you know the three branches of our government and who works in each of the branches?
GeoSpy Game – Can you find all the continents and countries? Try it out!
Scholastic’s “Our America” Series explores the Civil War.
Learn how the pilgrims reached America and lived to celebrate the First Thanksgiving.
Experience what life was like for the pioneers.
Investigate the First Thanksgiving with the Wampanoags and Pilgrims.

State Research

Need information on a particular state? This site can really help! Check it out!
Find information about EDUCATION in your state

Locate states, capitals, and regions in the United States on this interactive map.

Specific data about districts, number of teachers, number of schools…
Click on your state – then click on “STATE PROFILES”

Test Preparation

Louisiana Pass offers students the opportunity to take online practice tests. Also, in Newton’s Classroom students may review skills in the areas of English Language Arts & Mathematics.


Tribes of Louisiana

This site has better information on the Chitimacha.
Find information about the Houma Tribe here.
Maps and links to help you research Native American tribes of Louisiana.
Chitimacha tribe information can be found here.
Third graders! Find information about your Louisiana tribe here.
This site has information about the Tunica-Biloxi tribe.