Counselor Corner

Ms. Latasha Richard

The School Counselor is a full-time professional at ProgressElementary School who provides services to students, parents, and teachers. Ms. Richard provide the following services:

Individual counseling – when students are self, teacher, parent, or staff referred (with) parental permission for extended counseling

Group counseling – topics such as study skills, changing families, friendship and social skills, are addressed

Lunch bunches – students invite friends to join them for a supervised lunch in the counselor’s office

Classroom guidance – teaching topics which include: bullying prevention, study and test taking skills, stress management, communication skills, peer reversal skills, tolerance, goal setting, career development, etc.

Parent support – which includes parent conferences, referrals, parenting information, and workshops

Peer mediation – a program whereby student peer mediators assist fellow students resolve minor conflicts in a confidential setting