System 44 is a proven foundational reading and phonics intervention technology program for our most challenged readers in Grades 3–12. System 44 helps students master the foundational reading skills required for success with the Common Core through explicit instruction in comprehension and writing and a personalized learning progression driven by technology.

READ 180 is a reading intervention program in wide use by students in Grades 4–12 who read at least two years below grade level. It was created by Scholastic Corporation. In 2011, Scholastic released its newest version, READ 180 Next Generation, which has been fully aligned to meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

SuccessMaker is educational software that differentiates and personalizes K-8 reading and math instruction better than any other program on the market. SuccessMaker provides instruction, practice and assessment that is well-correlated to Common Core Standards for both mathematics and language arts at all grade levels of the program. Designed to accommodate a full array of different learning styles – including those served by special education, or who are gifted, at-risk and English language learners, every aspect of SuccessMaker is singularly focused on the individual needs and desires of real students and educators.

Accelerated Reader (AR) is software for primary and secondary schools used for monitoring the practice of reading. It was created by Renaissance Learning, Inc. There are two versions: a desktop version and a web-based version in Renaissance Place, the company’s online portal.