"Super Teachers, Super Students, Super Staff, Super Parents"



Jefferson Terrace is a place where we learn through play in a fun, and safe way.  Our school friends show they care and help us make good choices.  Every day we will read, write, and do arithmetic to develop our minds and  change us from within.  Everybody works together to help us learn and do our personal best.


PBIS Pledge


I pledge to Jefferson Terrace to do as I am expected.

I pledge to do my Personal Best

Act Responsibly

Work and Play Safely and

Show Respect.

Remember to put your PAWS Up, Up, Up !!!


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9902 Cal Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 • Telephone: 225.293.3210 • Fax: 225.291.6627 • Principal Debra Adebutu