This webpage will update with more information about graduation as we get closer to the big moment!  However a senior can begin to get ready for this all important date by taking care of some important details listed below!

  1. In the fall semester, students and families need to pay attention to when meetings with Herff Jones are scheduled so that they can begin figuring out what graduation materials they wish to purchase.
  2. Students should also stay on top of paying off their senior fees as well as all other fees that the student has not paid during their time in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.  All debts must be paid BEFORE a student is eligible to receive their cap and gown.  Fees that need to be taken care of include, but are not limited to:  senior fees, junior fees, library book debts, textbook debts, cafeteria debts, any payments to clubs/enrichment activities, classroom supply fees, damaged/lost Chromebook fees, etc.  On a senior’s last day of school he or she will be expected to go to each faculty member in charge of these categories and get signed off that they are in good standing.
  3. Keep up with one grades!  Remember that one must pass all of the required courses for one’s diploma track in order to graduate.
  4. Regularly attend school.  Students with too many days missing are in danger of not graduating.  This includes missing just one or two classes due to being regularly late to school.
  5. Work with Career Compass, other faculty members, and parents/guardians to fill out and complete the FAFSA form, which is now a graduation requirement from the state.