Course Offerings

Glen Oaks Magnet High School offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of all of its students.  The school has traditional, magnet, Advanced Placements, and ESS classes.  Students can obtain work certifications in auto mechanic, welding, and computer courses.

Medical Magnet and Health Sciences Center of Excellence

Glen Oaks Magnet is proud to offer two unique programs in the EBR School System for students who demonstrate an interest and aptitude for medical and health careers.  Students are eligible to enroll during Grades 9 – 11.  Our school is also excited to announce the addition of two new programs for interested EBR students!  Starting with the 2019-2020 academic year, students can also enter a radio broadcasting program and a sports medicine program!  Through a multitude of projects, internships, unique lessons, and more, students are able to “try out” a career before they begin their formal post-secondary education in it.  The application period for all four of these programs opened on February 1, 2019 so if you have not put in your application, you should do so as soon as possible.  For more information about these programs, students and families should visit the “High School Programs” page on the EBR Magnet website or the Glen Oaks Magnet website.

Faculty Expertise

The faculty at Glen Oaks Magnet has earned a variety of certifications and degrees, and their expertise can be seen throughout the school.  As of October 2018, there were at least 5 faculty members who held a doctorate degree, three of whom were also among the 11 who had obtained a Masters +30 status, meaning that they had completed a minimum of 30 graduate hours worth of education on top of their original Masters degree!  Another minimum of 14 faculty members have their Masters degree, and as a combined school Glen Oaks Magnet has a 100+ areas of teaching certifications recognized by the state of Louisiana!  Teachers continue to add to these certifications with non-traditional certifications that are gaining more and more recognition in the field, such as Google Educator certifications.  At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year 3 Glen Oaks Magnet faculty members were recognized by the EBR School District for having successfully completed at least one level of Google certification, and they were given special badges and room signs to display this news to everyone.  Be on the lookout for these items on your next trip to Glen Oaks!