Glen Oaks High School Attendance Rules

According to the Louisiana Department of Education, students missing more than 5 days during the semester will not be given credit for the courses taken.  Exceptions can only be made in the event of personal illness (verified by a physician) or other extenuating circumstances approved by the Supervisor of CWA.

Glen Oaks High School attendance policy mirrors the East Baton Rouge School’s policy.  The only excused absences are (1) personal illness, (2) death, (3) court, and (4) observance of particular religious faith.  Absences for any other reasons are unexcused.

Being absent from school is no excuse to not be “ready for class” on the day a student returns to school.

  1.  For the absence to be excused, a doctor’s excuse or legal excuse for the day(s) absence must be presented to the attendance clerk in the attendance office within 3 days of the student’s return to school.
  2. The attendance clerk will excuse the absence in the eSchoolplus system.
  3. The principal must approve all other absences non-related to illness, death, and court.  Prior notification and a written explanation is required.
  4. Reminder:  Students are only allowed 5 handwritten excuses per semester.
  5. No check-ins after 10:00 A.M. without a parent or a doctor’s excuse or court papers.
  6. No check-outs over the telephone, your contact person must be verified, and no check-outs after 2:00 P.M.

Tardy Procedures

Students – You are tardy if you are not in class when the bell begins to ring.  If you are more than 10 minutes late, a class cut will be recorded and further disciplinary action will take place.  The following guidelines will be used to handle tardies:

  1. 1st – 3rd Tardies – Recorded and warned
  2. 4th tardy – Mandatory parent conference
  3. 5th tardy – Student assigned TOR
  4. 6th- 7th tardies – 2 day suspension



The purpose of a dress code is to help maintain a positive school environment where students can reach their potential and ready themselves for the challenges they will meet after high school. All students attending Glen Oaks High School will be expected to follow the dress code, as written.


Polo knit short or long sleeve shirt with a collar and school logo

Color scheme:

  1. Red, Black, or Grey with Glen Oaks High logo
  2. Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) worn under the school shirt must be red, white, or black.
  3. Shirts must be tucked in at all times

9th – Red Shirts with school logo / Glen Oaks Magnet

10th thru 12th – Grey or Black Shirt with school logo / Glen Oaks Magnet

12th only – Gray or Black Shirt with checkered collar and school logo. In addition SENIORS may wear Black, Gray, or White blouses (female) and oxford button down shirts (male) with the school logo /Glen Oaks Magnet



Each year the EBR School System publishes the Students Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.  Every student and their parent/guardian are expected to read this document and then sign and return the appropriate pages (pages 4-5) to the school.  These two pages cover everything from media release consent to the technology policy.  If a parent/guardian objects to any section of the consent form, they should then follow the proper procedures outlined in the document to voice their objection/concern.  Please remember that the handbook states on page 4 that “…ignorance
of this Handbook or its contents shall not constitute a defense or excuse.”

These consent forms also allow students the right to check out a Chromebook.  The school cannot check out a Chromebook without the proper paperwork filled out.  For more information about our 1:1 Chromebook Initiative, you please check out the appropriate webpage.

Please visit the EBR School district webpage, “Students Rights & Responsibilities,” for a digital copy of the handbook.