Glen Oaks Magnet High School is excited to implement the school district’s new 1:1 Chromebook Initiative during the 2017-2018 school year with our freshmen!  Last year the district started its 5 year roll-out plan to eventually give every student the chance to use their own Chromebook throughout the school day.  This year our freshmen will be a part of this program, and each year the Chromebooks will go up one grade level.  By the end of the fifth year all students on our campus will have a Chromebook.

It is important to note that while students will be assigned to a Chromebook and will get to use the same one everyday, in no situation is a Chromebook to leave the GOH campus.  Students will pick up their device as they are getting their breakfast in the morning, and they will drop them back off in the assigned storage room before the get on the bus at the end of the day.  Students are expected to turn in their Chromebooks to the front office if they check out early.  Office staff will return the books to Mrs. Anding, and she will return them to the appropriate cart at the end of the day.

Students are expected to return the consent forms in the 1:1 Handbook if they want to use a Chromebook.  Mrs. Anding and the other staff members of the roll out will not issue a Chromebook if the forms are not signed by a parent or legal guardian.  If a parent or guardian wishes to have a paper copy of the policies, Mrs. Anding will be happy to print it out for them if she receives a request in writing.

Students and families should be aware that there are fees associated with the Chromebook damages.  Depending on the situation, the student and family may be held responsible for these fees.  If a Chromebook has to be repaired and it is deemed that a student can have a loaner device while the repairs are being made, Mrs. Anding will make every effort to get them a loaner device but no promises can be made.  There are several desktop computers in predominately freshmen classes and these can be used by those with repairs or students from other grade levels who are also in the class.

Students who are late getting to school may be able to get a Chromebook depending on when they check in.  Mrs. Anding will remain in the medical hall closet until 7:45 AM on block days, and 8:15 AM on C Days.  On block days she will also return to the closet for the 15 minutes around the class exchange time between 1st and 2nd hour.  If a student arrives after these times they will have to use a classroom desktop, be given an alternate assignment, or make up the work at a different time depending on the situation.  Mrs. Anding will return to the medical hall closet at the end of the day to collect the Chromebooks as students leave for the buses.

Finally, a Chromebook is a Google device.  To use it, a student must have a Google Suite account.  All students in the district have been issued an account, minus the use of a gmail account.  This will also allow the student to have access to Google Classroom accounts created by teachers and staff.  A Google Classroom is a virtual classroom, and teachers can expect a student to turn in assignments into a Google Classroom account if that is the classroom norm/rule.  Google Classroom accounts can be accessed from a wide range of devices so a student should be able to access an account even if they do not have a Chromebook.  If a parent or guardian has any questions about access they should email Mrs. Anding.


Erin Anding (School Librarian, Site Technology Facilitator, 1:1 Chromebook Coordinator)

(225) 356-4306 (Ask for the library)


2017-2018 1to1HandbookandAdminGuidelines

2017-2018 Freshmen Chromebook Orientation Presentation

2017-2018 Freshmen Chromebook Orientation Quiz and Acknowledgements