"Success is the ONLY option."

Welcome to Glen Oaks High School, a tradition of excellence since 1960. The faculty and staff of Glen Oaks High School recognize the importance of providing and maintaining an educational environment which will ensure that all Glen Oaks High School students will develop certain insights, skills, and attitudes that will enable them to live a satisfying and productive life that contributes to the welfare of their community. This environment will be compatible with the realities and needs of society and will encourage the unified efforts of parents, community, and school.


The mission of Glen Oaks High is “success is the ONLY option.”

In order to fulfill this mission, the faculty and staff will work together to coordinate activities and strategies designed to strengthen the instructional program.  Success will be evidenced by students’ development in these areas:

  • Basic cognitive skills.  Each student will be able to communicate effectively in oral and written forms.
  • Necessary effective attributes.  Each student will feel he or she is an individual with both dignity and worth.
  • Critical thinking skills and practical applications.  Each student will be able to apply concrete data to abstract ideas and yield a premise.

Glen Oaks Magnet Dress Code and Uniform & Grooming Regulations

The purpose of a dress code is to help maintain a positive school environment where students can reach their potential and ready themselves for the challenges they will meet after high school. All students attending Glen Oaks High School will be expected to follow the dress code, as written.


Polo knit short or long sleeve shirt with a collar and school logo

Color scheme:

  1. Red, Black, or Grey with Glen Oaks High logo
  2. Tee shirts (long or short sleeve) worn under the school shirt must be red, white, or black.
  3. Shirts must be tucked in at all times


9th – Red Shirts with school logo / Glen Oaks Magnet

10th thru 12th – Grey or Black Shirt with school logo / Glen Oaks Magnet

12th only – Gray or Black Shirt with checkered collar and school logo. In addition SENIORS may wear Black, Gray, or White blouses (female) and oxford button down shirts (male) with the school logo /Glen Oaks Magnet

“Get Your Foot in the Door” Challenge!
Glen Oaks Magnet will host the “Get Your Foot in the Door” Challenge during the first two weeks of May in which teachers and students will discuss our students’ digital footprints and how what they post and their privacy settings can both positively and negatively affect them.  Students will be entered into Friday afternoon drawings for each of the challenges that they complete below.  The selected winners will earn gift certificates.  Glen Oaks Magnet encourages families and community members to continue this important conversation over the summer when most of our students are looking for employment, applying to colleges, etc.  After all, it is the hope of each GOH staff member that our students can get their “foot in the door” when it comes time!

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