The Dufrocq School is committed to educational excellence and success for all students, as our mission clearly states that all students at The Dufrocq School will succeed academically.  Teachers are empowered to work to improve student learning and are encouraged to differentiate, as they use innovative strategies and best practices to create successful learning opportunities for our students. The Dufrocq School is the only school in the East Baton Rouge District and the state of Louisiana with a MicroSociety as its magnet theme.  MicroSociety is a small community established within the school. Students study citizenship, society, economy, government, and business.  They work in their own microcosm of the real world as legislators, business owners, bankers, attorneys, community leaders, peace officers.  Students create a constitution, elect officers, establish legislation, and run their society within the school.

Students chose to name their community Crawfish Bayou.  Crawfish Bayou is a working community in which students are paid with micro money, which they have designed and named Crawfish Cash.  They create a marketplace, establish businesses, vote, serve on juries, shop, pay taxes, and settle disputes in court, which provides a context for real-world curriculum connections throughout the day.  Teachers serve as facilitators in making sure that student activity is directly connected to state academic requirements and that learning meets the high academic standards of The Dufrocq School.

Parents and community members are encouraged to participate in The Dufrocq School MicroSociety as mentors and facilitators by sharing their knowledge and expertise of real government, business and community life.  Our team for home and school connections is actively working to create a venue for participation in a variety of ways.  We encourage the public to follow the development of this innovative educational opportunity at The Dufrocq School.

The Dufrocq School’s vision is to prepare our students for the demands and opportunities of the twenty-first century by offering differentiated, effective and rigorous curriculum as an entitlement to all.  By implementing the school’s vision, students will be prepared to function successfully as independent and responsible citizens in their community.

The Dufrocq School’s faculty, students, and parents participate in a research-based whole-school network with a mission of nurturing creativity in every learner through an arts-integrated school network by providing three resources; professional development, networking and research.

Our goal is to challenge our students intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent thinking and problem solving.