Office Staff and Administration

 Our Office and Administration staff handles many of the most important functions in the entire school. Our office staff will also assist you with registering your child in our school.  Before registration can be completed,the following information must be submitted:

  • Certified Birth Certificate (not a Hospital certificate)
  • Health Record (with up-to-date immunizations)
  • Two proofs of residence (i.e., utility and phone bill with current address)
  • Social Security Card
  • Kindergarten: If necessary, copies of report cards and test data from previously attended schools must be submitted.
  • Affidavits and/or provisional custody documents must be cleared with the EBRPSS Hearing Office

Office and Administrative Staff

 Joan Campbell, Administrative Dean

 Melanie Matthews, Executive Secretary

 Marion Walker, Guidance Counselor

  Myesha George, Clerk

Exceptional Services

 Joycelyn Cooper, Pre-K BEST Teacher

Patricia Krimmel, DD/ESS Teacher

Jermecia Lewis, Paraprofessional

Whitnie Wheeler, Speech Therapist

Amy Wicker, Paraprofessional

 Auxillary Services

 Ethel Blaze-Music Teacher

Mark Palmer-P.E. Teacher


 Doris Andoh, Paraprofessional

Brigitte Beal, Teacher

Jenny Blair, Teacher

Angela Brown, Teacher

Barbara Cazes, Paraprofessional

Evita B. Crockett, Teacher

Edna Davis, Teacher

Jessica Davis-Wheat, Teacher

Jana Fleet, Teacher

Julie Franklin, Paraprofessional

Kaylon Harris, Paraprofessional

Selena Harris, Paraprofessional

Diane Hunt, Paraprofessional

Kellie Jackson, Paraprofessional

Dorothy James, Paraprofessional

Elizabeth Johnson, Paraprofessional

Demetria Jones, Teacher

Shannon Marshall, Paraprofessional

Woneva Maxwell, Paraprofessional

Megan Melancon, Teacher

Marie Parker, Teacher

Brenda Profit, Paraprofessional

Deborah Quinn, Teacher

Louvenia Richard, Paraprofessional

Peronica Riley, Paraprofessional

Emily Robertson, Teacher

Vernay Sanders, Teacher

Kristina Scott, Teacher

Kia Turner, Paraprofessional

Jennifer Wilson, Paraprofessional


 Tempia Anderson, Teacher

Jurunist Mills, Teacher

Amy Nevills, Teacher

Ladetrick Provo, Teacher

Kayla Washington, Teacher

Custodial Services

 Melba Johnson, Head Custodian

Majorie Givens, Custodian