School Supply List 2016-2017 Grades 3-5

School Supply List 2016-2017 Grades K-2

Parent Resource Center

Claiborne Elementary’s Parent Resource Center is designed to provide learning experiences for parents and family members to work more effectively with their children at home. Parents can receive information, instructional materials, personal assistance, training and support to help provide the best education possible for their children.

The center will also promote parental involvement and engagement because the parents will have an area in the schools dedicated to them.  We hope parents will be more visible in the schools, which will in turn benefit the students

School Report Cards

Parent Access Center

Click here to view your student’s attendance, schedule, class work, grades,and any discipline incidents. A username and password will be provided to you.

If you have any questions please call the school.


Check Your Child’s Homework
Click here to view your child’s homework assignments at any time.

Visit the EBR Homework Portal to access teachers’ websites and homework assignments. You do not need to log in, simply locate the school’s name and teacher’s name in the drop-down box which is located in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
Having trouble? Download the USER GUIDE here.

Homework is assigned on a daily basis by all core curriculum teachers.  Homework is necessary for daily practice and to aid the student in retention of the instructtion they received with the teacher.  Points are given for each homework assignment and will be added in the student’s 9 weeks grades.




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