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Welcome to Brownfields Elementary Magnet School!

As principal of Brownfields Elementary Magnet School, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year at Brownfields.  It is a privilege for me to be part of the Brownfields community.  The responsibility of educating Brownfields’ children is awesome, but partnering together we can meet this challenge with success for all students.

We are excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways, filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning.  It is our mission to help every child feel welcomed, connected, and a part of our Brownfields family.  Additionally, we strive to challenge each student to grow in his or her academic abilities, promoting a safe environment for children to also grow emotionally and physically.

Brownfields is a wonderful learning community, with committed and highly qualified staff.  At Brownfields students are exposed to a rich and rigorous curriculum.  In addition to academic learning, the staff at Brownfields are committed to fostering an environment that creates responsible citizens in our school and community.  Our teachers utilize research-based best practices and analyze academic data to determine current skill levels and to set goals for growth and improvement. In addition, we have partnered with Kids Orchestra, Manship Theatre, and The Arts Council to provide a rich range of services for our children.  Not only do we serve students in our community, but we also serve students in the parish enrolled in our gifted and talented program.



Jo E. Cox



What is PBIS?

Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) uses a systematic approach to school discipline. The stress is placed on teaching correct expectations and rewarding the majority of students who are here to learn in positive ways.

It is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. School-wide PBIS enhances the ability of Brownfields Elementary to educate all chidren by developing research-based, school wide, and classroom discipline systems. The goal is to teach and support positive behavior for all students.

The school has designed, implemented, and will remain committed to supporting our Brownfields family in making these positive changes. Brownfields students will learn in classrooms that are conducive to learning.

Positive Behavior Expectations

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Fundamentals of PBIS

  1. Establishing clear expectations for all students in all settings of the school
  2. Identifying positively stated rules for each expectation tailored to every setting of the school
  3. Teaching students these expectations
  4. Differentiating between minor (classroom-managed) and major (office-managed) behaviors
  5. Developing specific consequences for students who choose not to confirm to school expectations/rules
  6. Ongoing evaluation of behavior data and academic data


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