The faculty and staff of Broadmoor Middle School would like to invite all parents to visit our campus at their convenience.
The policy for visitors is as follows:

  • Report to the main office (this is mandatory)
  • Ask for a visitor’s pass (this must be approved by the office before a pass is given)
    (this is mandatory – any visitor found on campus without a visitor’s pass can be arrested for trespassing)
  • Visit ONLY the location which was requested in the office

As prescribed by law, every teacher is authorized to hold every pupil to a strict accountability for any disorderly conduct. Although the ultimate responsibility for student conduct rests with the students and parents and it is the daily responsibility
of the school personnel to see that no single person interferes with the overall learning environment. The school demonstrates concern for the group and its welfare by preserving the proper atmosphere for teaching and learning. This applies to any time
the student is engaged in a school activity (i.e. waiting for the bus, attending athletic or other school sponsored events, field trips, etc.).  It is the final authority of the principal or designee to maintain discipline during the school day and at any school function on or off the school campus.

Follow this link to view your child’s online report card. Your password information has been sent to your home and if not ask Mrs. Johnson in the office.