“With great power comes great responsibility”
-Uncle Ben in SPIDERMAN
The internet is a powerful tool, it has become indispensable for communication, commerce and research. We use it to find out information for school, for fun, for playing games and for staying in touch with people we love. But there’s a dark side to the World Wide Web. . .click on some of the real-life stories below:




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Predators hide behind masks of anonimity.
You think you’re chatting to one of these guys when in reality–your online “buddy”
may look quite differently


Cyber predators use the Internet to hunt for victims to take advantage of in ANY way, including sexually, emotionally, psychologically or financially. Cyber predators know how to manipulate kids, creating trust and friendship where none exists.

The stakes are too high


Keep Safe your personal information–all of it! Never give your real name, address or phone number, the name of your school, or a picture of yourself to anyone you don’t know online.



Keep away from Internet Strangers–no matter what they tell you, because you have no way of knowing who they really are. Don’t talk with them online and never EVER meet them face-to-face.


Keep telling your parents about what you see on the Internet–always tell them or a trusted adult when something or someone makes you uncomfortable.


According to the University of New Hampshire’s Crimes Against Children Research Center:

♦One out of every five youths who use the Internet received an online approach of sexual solicitation during a one-year period.
♦In 15% of such cases, the solicitor attempted to meet the child in person.

♦Only 25% of those who encountered a sexual solicitation told a parent or adult.
♦If asked, more than 29% of Internet-using kids will freely give out their home address, e-mail address and other personal information online.

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If you have reason to believe you are being targeted by a cyberpredator, we urge you to contact the Office of the Attorney General ICAC Task Force. Founded in 2003, The Louisiana ICAC Task Force in an interagency, multi-jurisdictional task force whose purpose is to share information, resources and expertise in the investigation, prosecution and deterrence of online sexual exploitation of children. The Louisiana Task Force is part of a cooperative nationwide network of ICAC Task Forces that are dedicated to protecting children in the online environment.
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