bhsbucBroadmoor High School was founded in 1960 and resides on a 30-acre campus centrally located in the historic Broadmoor Neighborhood[1] of south Baton Rouge. BHS offers an array of traditional and honors level courses, including several AP courses and College Dual Enrollment opportunities with BRCC for eligible upperclassmen in good academic standing. The school traditionally primarily serves students in the Broadmoor and Sherwood Forest subdivisions and within an eight-mile radius of the school.

The school serves grades 9-12, with its first graduating class in 1962.

Broadmoor High School is home of the annual well-attended and highly publicized Broadmoor Arts & Crafts Festival held on campus every mid-November. At this event, people from across the country come to sell and buy various arts and foods.[2] There are several venues facilitated by student organizations to raise funds for them. Overall, this event is a significant source of revenue for the school.

The most notable of the many student organizations on campus are the John Lay Chapter of the National Honor Society, the National Beta Club, the Student Government Association (SGA), the Presidents’ Round Table, Denims-N-Diamonds (Choir), Broadmoor Band of Pride, Broadmoor Blade (School Newspaper), Buccaneer Log (Yearbook), FFA, and Broadmoor Young Life.

All students are required to wear uniforms which includes a plain white or columbia blue polo-style shirt with khakis.

In 2012, Broadmoor High School was given the Bronze Award by the US News & World Report Magazine, ranking them among the top high schools in the nation


Our collective goal for our students is that they graduate with a strong set of academic, citizenship and interpersonal skills so they can enter the college or occupation of their choice as self-sufficient adults.

We will provide a safe, enriched, student-centered learning environment where each student can:

  • Realize his/her academic, creative and personal potential;

  • Develop his/her individual talents and abilities;

  • Develop strong decision-making, problem-solving and reasoning skills;

  • Develop respect for self and others

A school improvement team is a group of individuals within a school community
who look at data together to determine:

  • areas of instruction and school organization that need to be changed to improvestudent achievement

  • goals that will meet school needs

  • interventions that are needed to reach the goals

  • how to document improvement through student achievement

  • how to adjust the plan to improve results over time

    School Improvement Plan: The school improvement plan assesses the school’s strengths and weaknesses, implements strategies and activities to address the school’s needs, and continually evaluates the school’s progress toward achieving its objectives and meeting its goals.  The plan focuses on improving student achievement at the school by addressing state goals and performance standards.



PBS Mission:

Broadmoor High School’s PBS team hopes to assist in the overall schools’ mission of fostering a nurturing and challenging environment for the development of intellectual, social, spiritual, ethical, and physical being.

PBS Program Description:

Broadmoor High is committed to following a consistent plan for motivating students to become responsible and productive citizens:

  • · posted school-wide expectations of being prompt, polite, and prepared,

  • · guided lessons for teaching appropriate behavior in and out of the school environment,

  • · a 5 step intervention process for students who have difficulties in school,

  • · a partnership with ICARE and the Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Violence programs in the parish, and

  • · a school-wide incentive program using “Bounty Bucks”, “Free Shirt Fridays,” and other various rewards and recognition for students who demonstrate positive behavior in school.

Broadmoor High School’s Expectations for students:




What’s a Bounty Buck?

Students can earn bounty bucks for following the school-wide expectations from the faculty/staff at BHS. They can use these bounty bucks to purchase temporary ID’s, items from the Bounty Bucks Store, discounts on entrance to home sporting events (excluding football), etc. They can also save them and place them in the Bounty Bucks Raffle at the end of the school year. Has your student earned any bucks yet? JUST ASK!

New This Year:

Any student who earns perfect attendance in any given month, will be allowed to participate in a Free Dress Day during the following month!