We will learn, achieve and succeed!

Louisiana Students Excel on LEAP Scores - Arlen "Benny" Cenac Jr

LEAP Saturday School

We are having LEAP Saturday School for students in 3rd -8th grade this Saturday, April 17, and next Saturday, April 24. Saturday School will last from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. If you would like your child to participate, please complete the application form.


Virtual Parents LEAP Test Survey

If your child is a virtual student in 3rd-8th grade, please complete this brief survey.  Thanks for your time.


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Dr. Maria Montessori


About Our School


At Belfair Montessori Magnet School, we are committed to providing children in Pre-K through 8th grade with a quality education in a challenging, yet nurturing environment. We are glad you have taken the time to learn about us.  Please revisit our site regularly, as we make frequent updates throughout the school year.


The Montessori philosophy of education is unique, innovative, and students are self-motivated. If you choose Belfair Montessori Magnet, your entire family can stay at one school until they are ready to transition into high school.  The Montessori philosophy utilizes a hands-on approach to learning.  This means the more a student can touch materials related to a particular skill, the more it is embedded in their mind.  The hands help connect the information to the mind. Dr. Maria Montessori said it best, “The hands are the instruments of man’s Intelligence.”  We believe this is the best approach to learning. The students will exceed, go beyond, and surpass well above your greatest expectations. So, our goal is to help every child achieve greatness in life. The Montessori program is one of the best-kept secrets in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.


We love what we do, and we are so glad YOU have chosen to be a part of it! If you have not had a chance to visit our school, we encourage you to come by or volunteer at any time. Together we can achieve great things!


School Vision

To educate the whole child–academically, socially, emotionally, and physically—developing successful and productive citizens for a diverse and changing world

School Mission

An authentic public Montessori school committed to educating the whole child.




1.       Individualized curriculum

2.       Hands-on learning with beautiful Montessori materials

3.       Creating/preparing lifelong learners

4.       Teaching principles of peace and well-being

5.       Preparing resourceful citizens in a democratic and rapidly changing


6.       Supporting parents as partners in education

7.       A school of choice and excellence


School Motto

We will learn, achieve, and succeed!

Download Our App 

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For questions about virtual learning for the 2020-2021 school year, please call the school at (225) 356-6191 or email us at BelfairMontessoriSchool@ebrschools.org.


If you are in need of a hotspot for internet connectivity, requests can be made by going to http://techready.ebrschools.org.







Belfair Montessori Magnet School has been named a National Magnet School of Excellence and School of Distinction by Magnet Schools of America, the national association for magnet and theme-based schools.  To receive a national merit award, members of Magnet Schools of America must submit a detailed application that is scored by a panel of educators. These schools are judged and scored on their demonstrated ability to raise student academic achievement, promote racial and socioeconomic diversity, provide integrated curricula and instruction, and create strong family and community partnerships that enhance the school’s magnet theme.




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Belfair Montessori Magnet School has been named a nationally certified magnet school by Magnet Schools of America (MSA), the national association for magnet and theme-based schools. Belfair Montessori successfully complete a rigorous nine month evaluation process and demonstrate through evidence, reflection and strategic action that it has established the best practices entailed in the Magnet School Standards of Excellence.

To become nationally certified, Belfair Montessori Magnet School submitted a
detailed application and participated in a rigorous evaluation conducted by the National Institute for Magnet School Leadership (NIMSL). The application process required the school to submit evidence demonstrating how it met each of the multiple indicators within the Standards of Excellence. This included providing specific examples of how the school is promoting school diversity, closing the achievement gap, integrating a theme-based curriculum throughout the school, and encouraging parent and community involvement.

April’s Calendar of Events


April 2 – 9: Spring Break

April 12-15: LEAP Online Training Tools (5th-8th grade)

April 14: Schoolwork Packets go home

April 21: Progress Reports go home

April 28: Schoolwork Packets go home

April 28: LEAP 2025 Assessment (ELA/Math – Session 1)

April 29: LEAP 2025 Assessment (ELA/Math – Session 2)

April 30: LEAP 2025 Assessment (ELA/Math – Session 3)

May 3: LEAP 2025 Assessment (Science – Sessions 1-3) – 3rd & 4th Grade

May 3: LEAP 2025 Assessment (Science/Social Studies – Session 1) – 5th-8th Grade

May 4: LEAP 2025 Assessment (Social Studies – Session 1-3) – 3rd & 4th Grade

May 4: LEAP 2025 Assessment (Science/Social Studies – Session 2) – 5th-8th Grade

May 5: LEAP 2025 Assessment (Science/Social Studies – Session 3) – 5th-8th Grade


Students can not take the LEAP test from home. The test can only be given on campus. We will not have live virtual classes during testing. Teachers will be unable to login in because if there are too many people on the network, it could slow down the system or cause other problems that may interfere with testing.




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Student Progress Center

JCampus Student Progress Center (SPC) is a system that allows parents to view their student’s school information.  It is the system that will replace Home Access Center (last year’s parent access center).

Student Progress Center (SPC) updates student data activity as it happens, enabling students and parents to track progress and prepare for success.

Catch up on your child’s homework, check discipline, get teacher comments, see school announcements, owed fees, and so much more.

If you are a parent or guardian, see all of your children from one screen, one login – anytime, anywhere.

  • View your personal graduation plan
  • Multiple Language Options
  • Mobile Access
  • View Attendance

4451 Fairfields Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70802 • Telephone: 225.356.6191 • Fax: 225.355.8418 • Principal Jamar Jackson